Museum of Historical Carriages

The Museum of Historical Carriages opened for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic in Čechy po Kosířem on 11th July 2009


The Museum of Historical Horse-Drawn Carriages is a bridge connecting the past and the present and opening our hearts and souls.

Depository of the Museum of carriages was built for the largest funeral coach of all time.

Inaugurated on September 28, 2012. It is a combination of the best craftsmen of the Czech country; built of hewn beams and bricks, made of stone and wrought iron.

  • The largest funeral coach ever built by Brožík factory
  • Over 70 historical carriages and sleighs
  • The largest collection of carriages of Czech and Moravian Builders in the world
  • The largest collection of carriage lanterns in Central Europe
  • The largest collection of funeral carriages in Central Europe
  • The largest collection of Episcopal carriages and sleighs
  • Carriages restored or in original quality
  • Collection of liveries, horse harnesses and accessories
  • 40 metres long gallery of documents, plans and photographs
  • Visit of restoration workshop is included in the tour
  • Historical workshop for building coaches
  • Film and sound projection
  • For groups of visitors expert commentary
  • Every July, there is an artisan meeting called Josefkol

As time goes, every man is getting older and has more experiences which make him a patriot - a man who loves his friends, family and the country he lives in. But all these feelings are connected with something what was for our ancestors absolutely natural: it is faith that supports our spirit. And this is just one of the main ideas of The Museum of Carriages which is addressed to each one of the younger or older generation who cross the treshold of the museum and find themselves on a land which is shed by sweat of our ancestors. In a place where there is no space for badness and commerce of today‘s, often empty, life.

Time spent in the museum makes you think about things you maybe have never thought. That time will be very special. In the museum you will see a combination of the artisanal craftsmanship of our ancestors with the spirit which is visible in every carriage. You will also see a splendid combination of wonderful carriages which served a man in the most cheerful moments of life but also those that are selected for the last journey of life. This is a unique collection which wakes your feelings up and strengthen your mind and spirit for other ways of your life.

Come explore the work of our ancestors and visit the exhibition of historical carriages in Čechy pod Kosířem and support this great work!

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